9 Weird World Records Which None Of Us Knew Existed In The First Place


Records are meant to be broken. But there are some records which are unimaginable. While we can imagine a record for the strongest man or the fastest car, can you possibly imagine a world record for a pillow fight?

As it happens, the Guinness book of world records boasts some weird-ass records. Because there are people who are capable of doing random shit.

We have compiled some of the craziest ones for you.


Most wins at the Beard and Moustache championship

Karl-Heinz Hille holds the record for 8 wins at the World Beard and Moustache Championships. This German gentleman won in the imperial partial beard category.



Most eggs balanced

While you and I can’t balance one, Brian Spotts of the U.S. has the world record for balancing 900 eggs. He also happens to hold a record to balance a dozen eggs the fastest.



The largest pillow fight

As awesome as it sounds, a whopping 6,261 people had participated in the largest pillow fight in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, on July 21, 2015.


Most toilet seats broken using the head in one minute

Kevin Shelle set a world record for breaking most wooden toilet seats with his head in a minute. A lot of unanswered questions here. What? How? Why?


A head full of shit and metal.


Largest chewing gum bubble

This world record is every child’s fantasy. Chad Fell holds the record for blowing the largest chewing gum bubble with a diameter of 50.8 cm. And the amazing part is, he did this without using his hands.



Most stairs climbed with a person on the head

Wait, what? Recently, 2 Vietnamese brothers who happen to be professional performers climbed the 90 stairs of Saint Mary’s Cathedral while balancing each other head to head.


And they did it in 52 seconds!

Longest distance keeping a table lifted with teeth

Yes, there are people who do stuff like this. Georges Christen ran a distance of 11.80 m holding a 12 kg heavy table with a person weighing 50 kg sitting on top. I can’t even hold a table with my hands for that long.



Most canned drinks opened by a parrot in one minute

Zac the Macaw opened 35 frikkin’ cans of drinks under one minute in San Jose, California. I bet we won’t be able to open as many with bottle openers as well.


Most apples held in own mouth and cut by chainsaw in one minute

What the actual fuck? Preacher Maud’dib from the UK managed to cut 18 apples with a chainsaw while holding them in his own mouth under one minute.

It takes some serious balls to pull this off.


Information sourced from Guinness World Records.

Featured image source here.