WhatsApp Has A Secret Font Now. And Here’s How You Can Use It


A smartphone app that has kept millions of people hooked onto it for years, WhatsApp clearly knows how to keep their users engaged. And now, going a step further, the texting app has introduced a new font to its users.

Whatsapp chat


The font, called FixedSys, is a secret one and is available on the latest version of the app for Android users.  Not just that, FoneArena has reported that the feature is available on iOS beta as well.



But then how do you use the font?

Well, the trick is simple. All that one needs to do is use the ` symbol three times before and after any word.

So if you wanted to type cool in the new font, you would have to write “`cool“`.



The new font is an addition to the list of features that WhatsApp has introduced this year, possibly in a bid to increase the gap with rival messaging apps.



However, considering the pain that it takes in using the font, we are skeptical if users will adopt to it frequently. But for those who are looking to up their chatting game, it certainly is a new thing to try.