[Watch] This Cable Ad For An Animation Course Is Probably The Worst On This Planet

Some advertisements spread awareness on cancer. Some give you one.

It was just another Monday and I was scanning the internet. That is when I came across this gem of an advertisement on an animation course.

This creative masterpiece comes from the house of timeless classics like ‘Tapa Tap’ and ‘Vision Optics‘. If you aren’t aware of these names, you’re missing out on a lot my friend.

Surat has given brilliant ads that will stay with us forever. Gujju ‘vaingeance’ strikes yet again with this mindblowing commercial of an animation course.


Dope stuff.

The video begins with amazeballs graphics and then shoots into overdrive with the Gujju enunciations.

The jingle, which is catchy as fuck, takes over and each frame promises enough cringe. This is followed by flashy features of the course which have nothing to do with the word subtle. The writer requests you to pay attention when they say ‘Web Designing’ and ‘3D Max’.

Then starts the most cringeworthy segment of the commercial, with this.


Now begins the actual advertising. The narrator starts explaining why this course is the best with psychedelic background music and Comic Sans fonts.

However, the award for the Best Copy of the year, which also happens to be the frikkin highlight of this video, goes to –

‘Yes, we walked in as a istudent. And walked out as profeshunal.’

Check it out.

You can thank us later.

Disclaimer: The writer does not intend to hurt the sentiments of Gujjus. I love you guys. You guys rocks.

Featured image source here.