A Troll Asked Karan Johar If He Would Launch Him For Sex And Got A Kickass Response In Return

Karan Johar’s sexual orientation has been a topic of discussion as long as our brains could recall. On various occasions, Karan has shut down several trolls who tried to get better of him.

In his recent book, An Unsuitable Boy, Karan came clear on his sexuality and answered all questions related to his personal life. In one excerpt, he mentioned that if he does confess to his sexual orientation in open, he could face a jail time.

India Today

This met with a lot of criticism from people who accused Karan of playing safe when he could influence mindsets and unleash a wave of change for the LGBTQ community.

While some of the criticisms were genuine, a troop of trolls joined it, and Karan slammed them and how!

It all started with a regular tweet by Karan:

A self-proclaimed Sherlock popped up, and oh boy, Karan did give him his piece of mind:

Twitterverse sided Karan, and gave the desi ‘Sherlock’ a hard time:

Trolls, know one thing: Do whatever, but never mess with KJo.