Remember That Kid From Chachi 420? Everybody On The Internet Is Shocked That She’s Grown Up Miraculously


I woke up to headlines which had the same clickbait headline as I’ve embedded in mine. Except there’s one little hidden message I carry in the one you read right now – SHE IS A HUMAN BEING WHO OBVIOUSLY HIT PUBERTY LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE IN THIS WORLD.

So what everybody’s shocked about is the fact that a small kid (‘Baby’ Fatima) who starred in a film 19 years ago has grown up to become Babe Fatima. Hmmm, we wonder how?




People suddenly started caring because of two reasons – She’s become prettier than ever and she’ll be making her “adult comeback” in Aamir Khan’s upcoming film ‘Dangal’.



Aamir Khan also had to say something about this.



Well, the next time you fall for a clickbait headline, make sure you remind yourself what we did to Frooti from Sonpari last time to know what exactly remains in store for you.