Men Reveal Tips They’d Give To Their Ex’s And Some Of Them Are Really Awkward

Nothing in this world is permanent. People change and hence, relationships, sometimes take unexpected turns. Turns that might show you the worst side of an individual you considered being the best for all your life.

However, people move on. From one place to another, from one partner to another, leaving all your grievances with that ex behind.


But my dear friend, karma is a bitch and hence, you never know when life will bring you back in front of that ex who you probably loved the most or betrayed the most. And imagine coming face to face with that ex while you’re with your ex. Would be the worst thing ever, isn’t it?

Close-up side view of beautiful young woman in cocktail dress kissing her boyfriend and taking off his jacket while standing near brick wall in loft interior

Hold on, there’s something that is worse than that. And that is that ex of yours giving unwanted advice to your current only to take that bloody revenge he or she always wanted to. And that is exactly what these men did. They revealed tips to their ex’s next and it’s the most unpleasant advice anyone would ever want to hear.

Have a look:

For the emotionally unstable girl:

She’s not emotionally available. She’s a really sweet girl, but she’s a little bit broken. Unbelievably guarded with her emotions. Be prepared for problems communicating and conflict avoidance. Last time we chatted she was still with her new boyfriend, so he must deal with it better than I did. He probably doesn’t need the advice.
– /u/XjohnsonX

For the one who trusts no one and hence betrays everyone:

Be prepared for her to cheat on you. she cheated on the 7 boyfriends before me. and i didn’t know that until after starting to date her. i became 8.
– /u/thatguy2846548


For the one who suffers from short-term memory loss:

She’ll forget anything nice you do for her within a week and think she’s holding the relationship together when really she’s lazy and selfish. But hey, good luck and enjoy the head
– /u/wickedblight


For the one who needs to calm their tits:

Record every time she loses her shit for when you need to call the police when she gets violent. Or just fucking don’t. Run away very fast.

– /u/wotmate

Quite literally, isn’t it?

For the one who simply needs a caretaker:

She’s selfish and expects you to buy almost everything she wants and will expect you to help with her bills… And she will often be sick from her illness so umm yeah good luck.

– /u/BettyBlueGT


For the one who only needs money, not honey:

Prepare to see your money drain into her stupid fads and hobbies. She can and will use you as a money trap despite her “Strong, Independant woman” attitude. The dickhead is a dick.

– /u/XVX17


For the one who thinks she can do it all:

Don’t expect her to open up. She won’t. She has built her identity around her independence and lack of emotions and she will do everything she can to stay that way. She is incapable of expressing love. You might think that you can pierce her thick armor, but you can’t. I’m sure something really bad happened to her, but she will never tell you, or anyone.

– /u/mcSibiss


For the one whose boldness you might not be able to handle:

She wants you to be a blank slate she can make into whatever she wants, bitch cheats and will try and give you something if she catches it so wear a condom, don’t expect to do any white water rafting or biking or adventurous shit you like cause she is lazy, oh and only other mother fuckers gonna get in that ass.
– /u/Paratrooper_19D

Well, maybe that’s why there should always be a deewar between your current and your ex. Don’t you think?