BI Binge Watch: Alisha – The Adventures Of A Smokin’ Hot Detective

A 24-year-old fashion blogger-turned-investigator solves crimes that loom over the fashion world.

It’s month end. Bank accounts and pockets are equally empty. You want to catch a good movie in the theatres, but one, there’s no good movie. And two, why should you when there’s so much good content on the internet right now that’s available to you for free. One of the shows we highly recommend is Alisha by women’s lifestlye channel Blush on YouTube.


The Crux: It’s a web-series about a 24-year-old fashion blogger turned investigator Alisha who, along with her BFF Tanny, solves crimes that hover over the fashion world.

The Toppings: The best part about the show is that it doesn’t bore you. The characters play their part well and the duration of every episode, though it varies, is just right. The episodes move at a smooth pace and have your attention till the end.

The show is surprisingly peppered with the whose-who of Bollywood. There are cameos by the likes of Riya Sen, Mohan Kapoor and Diandra Soares that are fun to watch.

Personal Favourite: I personally really liked the fifth episode, 21 Questions. Won’t tell you about it so that I don’t spoil the fun for you.

Alisha’s season 1 released their last episode just yesterday, so let the binge watching commence!

Watch all the episodes here: