If Only Guys Could Understand What Women Feel About Bras, Life Would Be So Much Better!


Bra: A woman’s best friend and worst enemy. 

That’s the kind of love-hate relationship we have with our bras. There are times when we absolutely love them for supporting us and being there for us through thick and thin and then there are times when we wish they just didn’t exist. But none of those times has changed our feelings for them. For men, it’s probably just a patch of fabric covering our boobs, but for us, it means a lot more than that. Here’s a secret that most men wouldn’t know.

Campus Diaries

Dear men, there’s something about us and bras that we bet you didn’t know. Have a look:

Yes! It’s true. There are so many times when we don’t wear our sizes because you men really don’t care. But you know what? There are a lot more things that men don’t know or don’t understand about bras that we wish y’all knew.

Check it out:

The relief we get when we take off our bra is almost equal to the one you get when you take off your undies and get into your boxers. 



Picking the right colour of bra for an outfit is as important to us as it is for you to match your belt with your shoes with your belt. 



Matching our bra to our panties gives us the same accomplished feeling that you get when your crush agrees to go with you on a date. 


Yes! It is.


Spending money on bras is an investment and it is as satisfying as it is for you to buy that original football jersey for your match. 



When in bed, we expect you to unhook our bra as effortlessly as you expect us to cook the most delicious food for you every night.


You know both don’t work that easy.

Here’s a secret for you: When the bra comes off before the shoes, you know it’s going to a fun night. *winks*