Here’s Why Wearing The Right Shoes While Running Is Really Important


Fitness is an essential aspect of a long and a healthy life. The irony is, it gets neglected by most of us while we are busy figuring out ways to live a better life. In the unrelenting race to become successful, we tend to ignore our body and its needs to exercise. And we’re not even talking about heavy duty exercises here. A simple, organized plan involving a few minutes dedicated to running is all that it takes for your body to remain active.

And how difficult can running be, right? All you need to do is have a determined mind, and a good pair of running shoes.


You need the right pair of shoes to burn those calories and to get in whatever desired shape you dream of. However, Indians have a general perception of using one pair of shoes for every damn occasion. Which is totally wrong (and absolutely harmful). 

While one aspect is the ignorance, another is the lack of awareness. Whether it is your diet plan or the workout regime, timing and equipment is all that matters. You cannot afford to workout without a proper plan or the right set of equipment.


Running primarily helps in getting the body composition right.

Losing fat and gaining muscles is the intention of any exercise and running helps to achieve that. Also, a proper body composition yields in an increased metabolism, thus giving a major boost to your health.


However, none of this adds up if you aren’t using the right pair of shoes. It is imperative to buy the right sneakers that suit your body the best while running. Also, a lot depends on the surface on which you are running. Usually, in India, people prefer to run on hard surfaces such as roads and pavements and for that, you need a dedicated pair of running sneakers.

It improves the circulation and your lung capacity increases.

In the long run, this helps in a better functioning of the cardiovascular system. But when you take longer and quicker steps, especially on a rough terrain, there is a high possibility of an ankle injury.


A decent pair of sneakers helps in this scenario as well. The well designed sole acts as a proper base for your feet and the runs are made much smoother with these in place.

If we look at the western world, there is enough awareness about these aspects of running. India is gradually on the rise in this march of fitness.

Running in groups will help you stay motivated.

And we get it, you’re busy most of the times, you need motivation. And hence, we suggest you join groups and run with them. This not only helps you stay motivated, but it’s like a small group of enthusiasts who’ll constantly inspire each other to do better.  Join adidas runners at


adidas has launched its range of AlphaBounce shoes that are tailor-made for running.


These shoes are designed using motion capture technology which studies the movement of the foot to help create optimal support. They come with a promise of enhanced comfort and flexibility.

What your feet need is a pair of shoes with a snug fit that’s engineered to allow your feet to breathe without compromising on your performance and durability, all this with a BOUNCE sole that feels soft on your feed and ensures to give you a fluid ride during runs.


And if you’re confused about which shoe might fit you the best, there’s an online shoe-finder that’ll help you find one.

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