There’s Something Different About This Photographer’s Photos That’ll Surprise You

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

How many of you would believe that a blind person could take up a profession that requires one to be extremely good with visualisation?

Pranav Lal, a blind photographer has changed the mindset of many who believed that visually impaired people can’t take up professions that require them to have excellent vision.

Source: YouTube

In an interview with 101 Indian, Pranav said, “What you need to know is that I’m totally blind. I was trying to look for something that was totally visual to do and photography fit that bill.”

Pranav has been using a technology called ‘vOICe’ that lets him capture moments and scenic beauty with the help of a sound that depends on the brightness or the level of light.

While explaining the technology in detail, he said, “the image gets broken down to three attributes. The planning or time represents objects in the horizontal plane. The higher the pitch of the sound, the higher is the object. And finally, the volume of the sound represents the amount of brightness. Using a combination of these variations in sound, Pranav clicks his photo using a second camera.”

Here are some of his clicks.

This one that he clicked while he was on a trek at Rishikesh.


He beautifully captured a flower vendor making a garland.


And this one of the Buddha in Thailand


He also mentioned that it was because of his parents that he was able to fulfil his dreams as they never treated him differently or made him feel that he was a handicap.

You can watch his interview here.