How Often Do You Dream About Sex? It Might Be Trying To Tell You Something

The human brain is a mysterious little ball of grey matter. Its functioning is one of the most complex ones and the dreams that it shows when we are fast asleep are something that attracts scientists and researchers all across the world. However, the relation that these dreams hold with reality is still largely unknown.

And talking of dreams that we have in bed, dreams about sex are the most common ones. While it sometimes gets exotic and wild, strange and unsettling or maybe gentle and romantic, sex dreams are the greatest mysteries of the sleep world.

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So what do dreams about sex mean?

“Our dreams are always helping us to be better versions of ourselves, and sex dreams are right at the heart of that,” writes Kelly Walden, the author of The Love, Sex and Relationship Dream Dictionary. She adds that such dreams are representations of ourselves and not necessarily people we’d actually want to sleep with. Also, n just spicy and lustful, these dreams are often the successful joining of the conscious and the unconscious, leading to a sense of wholeness within.

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Kelly also adds that even your more-than-often dreams of making love with random people are just because of your libido in action and can’t be a judgement of one’s character.


But are there tricks to avoid such dreams?

Richard Nicoletti, a Jungian psychotherapist says that sex dreams may reveal one’s desires and anxieties, including feelings of emptiness. Emotions involved here may have been troubling the person in the waking life and Nicoletti, hence, says that rather than trying to avoid such dreams, one should focus on cultivating “good relationships – and many of them.”



And what do dreams about sex with famous personalities mean?

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Kelly says that it’s all a reflection of one’s personal journey and is all about symbolism. “Being a celebrity is a symbol unto itself,” Kelly says.

“A celebrity is somebody who tends to be very public… Might this dream also be helping you? Giving you a success formula for what it would take to get you more self-expressed? Maybe to be more successful in your own life, maybe stand in the spotlight and not get in your own way. It’s also about you deeply connecting with the celebrity aspect of yourself.”


So, yes, those Ryan Gosling fantasies might be trying to help you fighting your life problems!

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