Love Cheese? Study Says Eating More Of It Will Make You Live Longer


I understand mood swings and cravings but there’s one food in this whole wide world that I can never say no to and that is –


For some it’s a mood lifter, for some, it’s a way of dealing with their life problems, for some, it’s an aphrodisiac and for the rest, it’s just a part of their staple food. And for all those who fall into the above-mentioned categories, here’s something that’s going to give you more reasons to consume cheese fearlessly.


According to a new study published in the journal Nature Medicine says mature cheese contains a special chemical called the spermidine that gave mice a healthy and longer life. Spermidine is a compound found in a few naturally occurring substances including cheeses, mushrooms and semen.


Their research revealed that spermidine persuades autophagy, that causes the heart cells to disable parts of themselves that are dysfunctional and hence, unnecessary. The spermidine made the mice have a better heart functioning and lower blood pressure, thus leading to people having longer lifespans.

As per a questionnaire conducted among 800 people in Italy, it was found that people who consumed more cheese had 40% lesser chances of suffering from a heart failure. They also had lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.


While cheese does contain lots of calories and must be consumed in the right amount, looks like, it’s fair to be cheesy at times.