The World Will Be A Much Smarter Place If We Ate Ice Creams For Breakfast, Study Suggests


One must always start his or her day on a sweet note. And for all those who have craved ice creams for breakfast, there couldn’t be a better time to be alive than this.

Yoshihiko Koga, a Japanese professor at the Kyorin University recently published a study that states people who have ice creams for breakfast are able to process information in a better and faster manner. 


According to his study, consuming a scoop of ice cream right after waking up alters a person’s level of alertness and gives them a mental boost. Moreover, indulging in a morning sundae was found to reduce mental irritation.


Now that’s the kind of breakfast we’d actually make time for, despite our busy schedules, wouldn’t we?

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The research also stated that drinking a glass of cold water could have similar effects on one’s body, however, ice cream produced the highest amount of mental stimulation.

We simply cannot wait to start our days with plates full of chocolate cake and ice cream. Happy days are here, NOW!