These Everyday Foods That You’ve Been Consuming Are BANNED In Foreign Countries


Addiction is bad, and when we talk about addictions, we aren’t just talking about the cigarettes and alcohols. People have many different kinds of addictions from wanting to have a ketchup with every meal to having junk food daily to drinking an energy drink after gym, so on and so forth.

Many a time, a bad habit becomes a part of our daily lives and we often fail to realize its ill effects until it starts affecting our health. But food? Well, that’s a weakness for most Indians and sometimes despite knowing the ill effects we continue to consume it because – aadat se majboor. But there are some places in the world that have banned the food items we consume on a daily basis only because they have found hazardous ingredients in them.

Here is a list of food items that are a part of every Indian’s daily life but are banned abroad:


Somalia’s al-Shabaab group has banned samosas as they believe that the three-sided snack resembles the of Christian Holy Trinity.  Its shape is said to upset and offend militant Islamists.


On observing that the kids were consuming too much ketchup, the French government decided to ban its use in the school cafeteria as they believed it was hampering the taste of the traditional food.

Kinder Joy

The US authorities have banned Kinder Joy because they fear that the toy that comes embedded with pack could be swallowed accidentally by the kids.


Mountain Dew

Mountain dew is banned in more than 100 countries as it contains brominated vegetable oil that can cause memory loss and fatigue.

Raw Milk 


Raw milk, along with raw almonds has been banned in the US and Canada as it causes the threat of salmonella.

Jelly Sweets

Colorful candy gum on old wooden table.

Jelly sweets that are made from a thickening agent called konjac that is a choking hazard for kids and hence, is banned in the UK and the rest of EU.



In many parts of the world, consumption of Cannabis is banned and because bhaang contains a huge amount of Cannabis, it’s banned in a lot of places.