You’d Never Believe What Genetically Unmodified Fruits And Vegetables Look Like!


Ever wondered what the food in your plate now looked like thousands of years ago when you didn’t have people meddling with your food? Well, it all happened for good. If it weren’t for genetic modification, we wouldn’t really get a chance to enjoy some of the veggies we’re enjoying today.

There are also a lot of factors involved like evolution, change in climate, different methods used by farmers, all of these that eventually led to our fruits and veggies to become what they are today – Delish!

Aren’t we glad our bananas don’t look like that now?



The worst part about a peach is that velvet skin. I mean, the last time we saw velvet in fashion was when Mahima Chaudhary was still in Bollywood. So nope. How I wish this fruit was never modified!



I believe corn is the most useless food item ever. It literally travels down your throat to your poop as it is. So GMO here doesn’t really matter. You’d find it in your poop the next day anyway.



Thank God for this one. Imagine life without Gajar Ka Halwa!



*Dramatic Gasp* What would we call Purple in Hindi if it weren’t for our genetically modified purple brinjals!



And our summer favourite — Watermelons. Look at the ‘Before’ picture, now look at the ‘Now’ picture. Go on, visit your nearest temple and thank the good Lord above!