We Asked These Girls To Define ‘True Love’ And Received Some Epic Responses


If I ask you ‘What is love’, what would be your answer?

If you’re Jesse Pinkman, you’d say Mr. White. If you’re Joey, you’d say sandwiches. If you’re Barney Stinson, you’d say suits. If you’re Haddaway the singer, you’d say, ‘Baby don’t hurt me, no more’.

But if you’re Raj Malhotra, only then you’d say something like,

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Guess what? It was the 90’s and along with Nadeem Shravan’s marvelous music, this definition of love is pretty much extinct. 

The concept of ‘Pyaar dosti hai’ has a well-defined term these days which is called being in the ‘Friendzone’. Love letters are now replaced by open letters and the millennial Kabutar carries your message with a limitation of 140 characters.

With time, the manner in which we show our love might have changed, but the feeling still remains the same. Whether it is the excitement of a first date or that small meet in a long distance relationship, the heart beats in the same way. No matter how much people move away from expressing their love, this world will never be short of stories.

We decided to ask a few girls, ‘What according to them is True Love’ and we ended up receiving some epic responses. Here are the best ones.

As they say, silence conveys emotions way better than words.



After a long day at work, all you need is that little assurance.


Because when you live away from your home, your roommates become your family.


Permanent roommates, aren’t they?



Netflix and chill? Relationship goals like these make us hopeful. 


A realization which supersedes every other. Because no love is greater than Mom’s love and no care is greater than Dad’s care.


A man’s best friend, they say. Every dog-lover will relate to this.


In a world where everyone wants to be Ross and Rachel, let’s just be Chandler and Monica.


To be honest, we all have been there and done that. 


After all, the way to a woman’s heart is through jewellery. *starts taking notes*


After reading these answers, one certain deduction is that true love ain’t that difficult to achieve. Everyone has a story to tell and every story is beautiful in its own way.

For some, this story revolves around their loved ones, for some, it revolves around style. For some, it revolves around fashion, whereas for some, it’s the cheerful sound of their pets.

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Wonderful images designed by Asha Deora from Being Indian.