If You’ve Been Told To Stay Away From Cheese, We Need To Talk

“Bhaiyya, cheese aur daalo na”, should officially be considered as a statement that is free of all judgement. Who cares how man eyes look at you when your eyes are glued at the uncle who is now your best friend because he chose to go all out with the amount of cheese the person is grating. Only you know how important it is to have a life revolving around cheese because it’s not just a source of great taste, it has so many health benefits that aunty who judges you, will never tell.

The fact that we’re all brought up in a society which is currently really obsessed with staying healthy, makes way for a range of unwanted suggestions thrown in by various “experts” who suddenly turn dieticians overnight. The “Oh my God, what’s with so much cheese? No wonder you’re getting fat” kinda people are exactly the people your mother warned you about – Full of negativity and oblivion to facts.


It’s sad that we’ve stopped enjoying life, we’ve stopped appreciating something because someone tells us not to. For once, let’s dig into that cheese chilli toast without worrying about how many hours you’re going to spend on the treadmill later. Let’s dig into that yummy cheesy dosa that deserves nothing but your attention. Let’s enjoy life when you have it and not judge people who don’t mind a little extra happiness in the form of cheese on their plate. Because anything that’s being had in moderation can never do you harm, you know that!

And let me also remind you that cheese is the richest dietary source of calcium. There’s B12 that helps your nervous system function better, cheese does more good than harm to your bones. It’s also a rich source of protein. So the next time you think it’s just “fat”, well no it isn’t.


You’ll come across a million posts that tell you to cut cheese off completely, but ask yourself, do you need that kind of negativity in life right now? Nope. I think it’s time we celebrate the fact that there’s something so yum out there, it deserves a day of celebration! And that’s why GoCheese decided to come up with a day entirely dedicated to Cheese lovers.

#GoCheeseLoversDay is being celebrated on the internet right now and all I can think of are the goodies we’re going to win if we participate in it. Amazon gift cards, mobile phones, microwaves and a set of exciting GoCheese hampers that are enough to last you an entire dreamy sequence of cheesy goodness.


So go on, head to GoCheese’s twitter handle right now. And in case you’ll miss it today, we’re joining in the celebrations on our handle tomorrow. And if you’re still going to act pricey and miss it, we have Blush joining us on Sunday. What a cheesy time to be alive!