These Simple Symptoms Shown By Your Body Could Be A Desperate Cry For Help. Have You Been Ignoring Them?

Today, we believe in the concept of YOLO. And the lifestyle we have adopted is most certainly going to make us want to visit our doctors more often than we would have ever thought.

Your body knows what’s coming its way and maybe not very soon but it keeps giving signals to let you know that something is wrong. From frequent anxieties to twitching eyes to chapped lips, everything has a reason and every symptom is the result of something not being right in the body.

However, these trivial signs when combined with other symptoms can sometimes hint at something bigger that would need more attention and special treatment. We have listed down some of the most common symptoms that we often fail to ignore that actually require attention.

Watch Your Tongue


Do you have an exceptionally red tongue? You could probably be suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency. On the other hand, if you have prominent white patches on your tongue, it could be because of a yeast infection called oral thrush.


Watch Your Skin


Do you get bruised easily? Don’t expose your skin to the sun as the UV light could be weakening your skin tissue.

Also if your skin doesn’t come back to its normal position immediately after pulling, you could be required to drink more water.


Watch Your Feet


No longer notice hair on your toes? The reason could be peripheral artery disease that can cause poor circulation.

Watch Your Eyes


Do your eyes twitch very often? It may be due to lack of sleep, stress or too much coffee.

While dark circles can be genetic, another reason for having it frequently could be a deficiency of iron and vitamin B12 which yet again cause poor circulation. Also, short eyebrows indicate underactive thyroid.

Watch Your Lips


Have cracked lips not just during winter but also during other seasons? Then you need to drink more water and or control the intake of foods that contain vitamin A.

Sometimes the symptoms that you are most ignorant about can become the cause for major medical problems. Care a little more for your health because only a healthy life will call for bigger smiles.