You Can Now Buy An Apple iPhone 6 For ₹ 3,999 On Flipkart. Yes, This Is Really True.

Okay let’s be honest. The only people who hate Apple are the ones who can’t afford it. Guilty as charged.

However you may no longer need to sell a part of your body to buy an iPhone, if you’re comfortable in getting a previous version of the iPhone that is. No, it does not men an old iPhone, it just means that instead of running after the iPhone 7, you may buy an iPhone 6 for less than ₹4,000.

The Indian Express
The Indian Express


The market price of the iPhone 6 16 GB is around ₹36,999. However, Flipkart is offering a flat discount of ₹9,000 on the product bringing its cost down to ₹27,990.



In addition, Flipkart is offering up to ₹24,000 off on exchange. The exchange obviously depends on the product you’re exchanging it with but if your product fetches you ₹24,000 off in exchange, you can own the iPhone 6 (16GB, Space Grey colour) for a mere ₹3,999.

That’s not all. There’s also an additional discount of 5% on Axis Bank credit cards.

Flipkart provides a list of phones you can exchange to get an iPhone at discounted rates. It’s however interesting to note that the maximum amount of discount ₹24,000 is available on iPhone 6S, which is a higher generation model as compared to the iPhone 6.



Incidentally, the iPhone 6 is not available in a lot of offline stores. Thus, most people are visiting online stores like Flipkart to buy the product.

An iPhone 6 for ₹3,999? TAKE MY MONEY!

H/T: Gadgets Now.