Can You Please Take A Minute To Thank Your Mother For Doing This Every Frikkin’ Day For You?


There’s food and then there’s ‘maa ka khana.’ And there’s absolutely nothing in this whole wide world that comes even close to mom’s cooked food. Whether it is the exotic grilled paneer shashlik or the traditional dal chawal, mom knows exactly how to make it tasty enough to make you lick your fingers.

She’s one chef in the entire world who will serve you anything you want, any time you want and just the way you want it. Because she’s not just your mom, she’s your SUPERMOM. 

And it’s only when you stay away from her is when you realize what maa ka khana is. When there’s no one to serve you hot food once you get back home from a tiring day is when you realize what maa ka khana is. When you can’t get something you’re craving for is when you realize what maa ka khana is. To all those times when you’ve terribly missed your mom’s food, here is a list of ten special things that moms do that makes maa ka khana our most prized treasure in the whole world.

For every Maa Da Laadla.



Because she’s not just your mom, she’s your SUPERMOM.



Only she knows what can make you feel better.



Maa Ki Chai? Ah! Unbeatable. 



Maa Ka Pyaar + Maa Ka Khana = Heaven


Isn’t it?


Remember the pizzas and pastas she made at home when you ran out of cash? 



Why would you need anything else when you can have Kheeeer.



After all, she’ll always make sure she feeds you healthy food.



She just wouldn’t let you leave without having paratha with extra ghee. 



And also adds some spices to it, because she can’t see you eating ghaas phoos.  



Tell us what’s it about your mom that makes her food special?