This Is All You Need To Do To Spice Up Your Monday Night!

Mondays can be boring AF!

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But don’t let these Monday blues ruin the night with your partner.

Mondays also get along a lot of work and a good yet stressful judgement about the week to go. While some Mondays can be really exciting (thanks to all the Indian festivals), there are some that just don’t seem to get over, no matter how much time you have.


And then when you two get back home from a tiring Monday, there’s nothing you feel like doing, except, sit back and relax in your sofa. But some Mondays can also make you feel loved. They can make you want to be intimate with your partner, only to put a beautiful end to that tiring day.


Here’s how you can beat your Monday blues by sparking the flame of romance with your partner with these easy tips.

Check these out:


1. Take time to dress well. Your dress alone can seduce him.