This Pakistani Cafe Named ‘Sattar Buksh’ Is Trying To Spread Peace Through A Special Pizza!


Everyone across the India and Pakistan borders has been on the edge of their seats lately post the Uri attacks. Amidst all the tension between these two countries, there’s one cafe in Pakistan that is trying to keep everyone calm and spread peace by serving food that caters to citizens of both the countries.

Because Pakistanis wanted to be very original and desi, they decided to open a cafe named ‘Sattar Buksh’ which is a parody cafe of the famous international beverage company, Starbucks.

Marmara Gazetesi

Sattarbuksh is quite a unique place and has become a favourite hangout spot for many. 

Gossip session ya intense political debate? Jo bhee ho, ek cup #coffee se mahol set ho jayay ga! #pohncho #Sattarbuksh

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What makes this cafe special is a rather quirky food menu which includes the ‘LOC’ Pizza. The pizza has beef on one side of its crust while the other side only has veggies. While the beef side represents Pakistan, the vegetarian side represents India.

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Some food for thought, isn’t it?


Apart from the menu, the cafe also has a very inviting ambiance. The decor comprises antique chairs, captivating prints and sheer gorgeousness. 


The cafe also  has some very cool merchandise for all the ‘Chai’ lovers and we’re absolutely lovin’ it.

For nonstop Gupshup.

What's gup shup without chai??!! Want? available at @sattarbukshcafe! #Pohncho #ZabaanDarazMugs

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And this. 

There are some things you've just got to own! Exhibit A: available at @sattarbukshcafe! #Pohncho #ZabaanDarazMugs

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The cafe also has some more bizarre food items on their menu. Some of them are ‘Besharm Topless Burger’, ‘Dehshatgard Spicy Pizza’, and  ‘Jheenga-La-La.’

After all, food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body. It’s true love, isn’t it?



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