This Is Why Your Favourite Patiala Peg Is Called ‘The Patiala Peg’


Who doesn’t know the ‘Patiala peg?’ Even that Jain friend of yours who has never even thought of consuming kanda lasoon knows about it. It’s one of those just-desi-things that every Indian knows and every non-Indian must know about India. Punjabis literally swear by it and if there’s any Punjabi who doesn’t know or likes the Patiala peg, then we definitely doubt his Punjabi-ness.

But while you have been getting high on it all this while, have you ever wondered from where has it got its name?


No, right? Because who cares about its origin as long as it’s giving you the kick to make you feel good and do all the craziness you’ve always wanted to do. But well, maybe it’s time we know it because, you never know, it could just give you another reason to make that last extra peg.


The Patiala Peg has been associated with stories related to Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala who ruled from 1891-1938. You may not have heard of him earlier, but you definitely would have heard of him from the stories we’re about to tell you. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh is the same man who ordered his Rolls Royce cars to be converted into garbage trucks only because the company denied to take his orders previously. He is also the same man who owned the Patiala Necklace made of 2930 diamonds by Cartier in 1928. One of those diamonds included world’s seventh largest diamond – De Beers. Apart from these things, the King was also known for the grand parties that he hosted for his guests. And this is when the Patiala peg came into existence.


The Maharaja had a Polo team that had some legendary Sikh warriors. One day, Maharaja decided to invite the team of Irish players ‘Viceroy’s Pride’ for a game of Tent-Pegging. The Irish had always been proud of their capacity to consume alcohol. That’s why a night before the match, Maharaja invited them for dinner and served exceptionally large pegs of whiskey. As a result of that, the Irish players couldn’t concentrate on the match and eventually lost it. When they complained to the Maharaja about the large pegs being served to them on purpose, Maharaja responded saying “Yes! In Patiala, our pegs are large.” And thus, the Patiala Peg was originated.


For those of you who do not know the exact quantity of the Patiala peg. Here are the details-

According to some people, the drink would usually be two fingers high, which would either be the index finger and the middle finger or the index finger and the little finger. Its volume is roughly equivalent to 120ml.

On that note, and also because it’s a weekend, we’re going to make a Patiala peg for ourselves. What about you?


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