This Man Stalked A Girl Via Her Facebook Updates And It’s The Scariest Video You’ll See Tonight

Every coin has two sides and while the internet does act as a platform that connects people and provides an unimaginable amount of information, it also has it’s own evil side. The same platform that can make someone’s life can break it too.

Revealing all the information about your life and constant updates of your whereabouts can sometimes put you in deep trouble. While you think you’re only revealing it to your ‘friend list,’ in reality, you are completely unaware of all the thousand others that are actually getting updates about it.

And out of these thousand others, there are few who aren’t just watching your updates but actually keeping a track of it. Yes! Keeping a track to get one single opportunity to destroy you completely.

Something similar happened with Natasha whose car broke down in the middle of a jungle and hence had to take help of a man who knew everything about her, while she remained unaware of his existence.

This short film titled ‘The Friend List’ by Natak Pictures tells you exactly why you shouldn’t open the book of your life on your social media accounts. It tells the story of a social media addict who loves to constantly update her status and post pictures of her trips and chilling sessions with her friends.

This isn’t just a film, it’s a lesson we all must learn. Your status and updates are temporary. When you’ll be gone, no one will remember any of those, it’s you who they will miss. Life is precious and we all have only one chance to live it. Value it, respect it, there are much better things that the internet can do for you.