Ever Wondered Why You Always Stick Your Feet Outside The Blanket When You Sleep?


Winter is here and once again, it’s time to get cosy in your bed, pull your blanket and have the most satisfying good night sleep. But while some parts of our country get chilly, there are some (like Mumbai) where winters only mean pulling two to three blankets over you by lowering the temperature of your AC. And then once again, the only sleeping hack that comes to your rescue is to stick your feet outside the blanket to fall asleep.

But have ever wondered why that works? Have you ever wondered what is it that makes you get a better sleep by sticking your feet outside the blanket while keeping your whole body covered?

Human beings are warm-blooded people. Unlike cold-blooded people, warm-blooded people have the ability to adjust their body temperatures to the extreme weather conditions outside. And when it comes to body temperature, our feet play a crucial role in maintaing the same of the entire body.  This entire process of being able to maintain the core temperature irrespective of the outside temperature is called thermoregulation.


Your feet perform a lot of activities and thus release a lot of excess heat from the body. Your feet also have a large surface and specialized blood vessels which enables it to open up to large volume, thus, allowing more blood to flow. Moreover, your feet don’t have much muscles which means they can cool down more easily as compared to other body parts. Also, being devoid of hair, heat exchange can occur faster.

Now when you’re asleep, sometimes your feet slide out of the blanket or at times even your entire leg. The reason this happens is because while sleeping your body generates a lot of heat. And when your whole body is covered, in order to prevent your body from overheating, your feet seak out of the blanket to give you some unconscious relaxation. In fact, it has been observed that people sleep more soundly when their feet stick out of the blanket.

It’s all your body ke chamatkar.