[Watch] This Video Is The Ultimate Solution To All Your Dating Problems!


It’s not easy to get a date. While a person may be very good at communicating, striking a conversation with the girl or guy you like is very difficult. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, a pickup line could just work for you. But if it doesn’t then the question is, “how do you get started?”

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If you’ve been worrying about it all this while, then here’s a good news for you.


Truly Madly, a dating application just solved all your dating problems. Truly Madly recently launched a new book named ‘Who Needs Cupid? – Truly Madly’s Guide To Dating.’ In collaboration with Sayantan Ghosh, the author of the book, the guide was released on Android and iOS and talks about how one can take the first move in the relationship.

If you’re still not sure what exactly the guide is all about, you can check it out yourself: