What Do Women Do When They Are Alone At Night?

Women. You all want to know what they are up to in their private lives, don’t you? After all, no one can be as elusive and secretive as a woman. While it is safe to assume that men are either watching the latest tv series or porn at night, what does a woman do? It’s not that women sit in their room, couped up in a corner.


What does a woman do when she is alone at night? Here are some answers to this ever elusive question:

1Take down her guard

Alone, she lives, breathes and takes down her guard. Always forced to put up a certain image in front of people, she walks around in her night gown, or sometimes without it 😉

Image source: makeagif

2She eats to her heart’s content

To the world, she’s controlling her weight, or pretending to. But alone, without supervision, she eats to her heart’s content. And doesn’t mind if the food falls to the ground creating a mess

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3She creates a mess in the house and loves it

While she may chide you for the occasional mess you create, deep down in her heart, she likes it too. And it all comes out when she is alone with herself, at night.


Image source: MTV

4She plays with herself

Now, your dirty mind is loving this, isn’t it? But sorry, folks, a woman’s “playing” is a little better than what you imagine. She lets loose of her guard and gives into her bad habits, which include biting her nails, playing with her hair, or just examining her figure/body in front of the mirror (she does that naked too, sometimes)

Image source: people.com

5She reads

Yes, you read that right. Instead of surfing the net or checking out her bf’s girl-friends (as you may have naturally assumed), she devotes her precious alone time to reading. From Fifty Shades to Mills and Boons to Dan Brown, she has it all covered. Just give a woman a free room, alone time and peace, and she will read.

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