These Ads For World AIDS Day Reveal Shocking Facts About HIV Positive Partners

For the whole world, AIDS is a contagious disease and people who suffer from it can spread the virus in ways that won’t necessarily “warn” the other person about it. But there’s something about these “people” that the world doesn’t know.

HIV positive people undergoing treatment can reach a point where their virus may no longer be transmitted through unprotected sex. Unfortunately, the ones who are aware of this fact tend to reject these infected individuals.

For World AIDS Day, French advocacy group, AIDES has released ‘Revelation’ a photo series that shows everything that HIV positives have got to share with their partners. “It is our responsibility to reveal this information to the most people possible. What weighs most on the quality of life of HIV-positive people today is not the virus. It’s the daily discriminations they have to suffer,” said Aurelien Beaucamp, president of French advocacy group AIDES.

The AIDES group further mentioned that almost 86 percent of the HIV-positive people in France are currently being treated and fortunately have an undetectable viral load, thus restricting the possibility of the virus being passed on.

These photos from this campaign beautifully depict how an HIV positive transfers his skills and knowledge while performing various tasks like playing the piano or diving or parachuting or dancing, all of it while being naked.


In each of these tasks, you will see an HIV positive imparting knowledge without facing any rejection.


Aurelien Beaucamp further said, “Fearing rejection, many people refrain from having sentimental or sexual relations. They no longer dare talk about their pathology and avoid taking their medication in public. All these situations lock them up in a form of auto-exclusion, which is truly detrimental to their quality of life and capacity to take care of their health.”



“HIV-positive people on treatment have a lot to pass on. But not HIV.”


The campaign has been released by the French group AIDES, in association with the agency TBWA\Paris. The photographs were taken by Mathieu César. The campaign has definitely opened our eyes and introduced us to the HIV-positives differently. We hope it brings the same change in you.