Have You Always Dreamed Of Showing The World Through Your Lens? Here’s How You Can Do It


The best thing about pictures is that they never change. Every frame is an emotion and when these emotions amalgamate, the outcome is a beautiful story.

Whenever we see a classic, all of us tend to favour a certain aspect of the masterpiece. Some appreciate the storyline, some the music, while some get astonished by the cinematography. That’s the beauty of perceptions.


The way Scorsese sees the world is way different than how Tarantino does. When you have Mani Ratnam’s cinematic journey on one hand, you also have Anurag Kashyap’s hard hitting dark realities on the other. However, there is a common thing amongst all these legends. Their persistent attempts to show us a part of their world, through a lens.


The innate ability to imagine the craziest possible things is what went away with my childhood. If you thought being mature is all about thinking within the box, you’re mistaken.

The idea to capture the world through my lens used to fascinate me. It still does. And I’m pretty sure I am not the only one.

How often have you dropped the thought of filming something just because your mind was in a constant battle between choosing what you love and choosing what pays your bills? When was the last time you actually shot something while sitting in the window seat on your journey back home?

The point is, there is a hidden filmmaker in all of us and it needs to come out. We’re glad there is someone who understands this and is trying to encourage this for the second time.

Nikon has come up with the second season of ‘Shorts on Nikon’ and is urging all short filmmakers to well, give it a shot! 


And that’s not it, you’re not only going to be famous once you’re work is put on display up there, you also stand a chance to win Nikon D500 or D5600.  

If you’re going to have to react to anything today, it’s this! You can submit your entries here.

And here’s a small note from the author of this article –

Aspiring filmmaker or not, this is your chance to make it big with #ShortsOnNikon. Grab your Nikon D-SLR. It’s time to show the world, A Director’s cut because when someone’s giving you the opportunity to prove yourself, you better do it asap.