What Do You Think Is The Worst Thing People Have Witnessed In India?

There’s absolutely no place like home. When you’ve survived a day that’s full of shit and all you want to do is go somewhere where there’s nothing but peace, it’s home. When you know no other place in the world is going to accept your flaws, forgive your mistakes and ask nothing in return, it’s home. For long, our home has been through hell and it has survived. It’s bruised, battered and in need of help. But it’s still home. It’s still ours.

It’s ours to change. It’s ours to be bothered about.

We stumbled upon a thread that was trending on Reddit yesterday and it was quite sad, to say the least. Every time we think we’re progressing, there’s always something, somewhere, that’s still struggling to rise from the ashes. A quora user asked Indians what’s the worst thing that they’ve seen in India. And the answers will make you think about how ignorant we’ve become.

“Not one thing but overall”



“A couple of months ago during the Cauvery river crisis, there was a huge riot between the people of Bangalore and Tamil Nadu. I witnessed mobs stopping taxis and cars on roads, pulling out the driver and questioning them if they are from Karnataka or Tamil Nadu. If he turned out to be a guy from Tamil Nadu, they thrashed him in front of his family and dented/set fire to the car…”



“Have seen plenty horrible stuff. But this one will probably stay my mind, especially when I hear someone saying or complain that they are offended by some trivial shit…”



“Female infanticide in the educated, upper middle class.”

“A family of doctors, engineers, professors, lawyers. All brothers went to study in fancy schools abroad. Had the best education, exposure to the world…”



“School kids have been mercilessly beaten up until the teacher got tired of slapping left and right. Then sent the 6 kids out in the sun in the blazing Delhi summer. The reason was “improper school uniform…”









“Was in DIU two years back in winter. Such a beautiful place. I had taken the window seat per usual. Looking out, enjoying the wonderful scenery. Suddenly in the bushes, I saw a very tall, white, homeless looking person…”


Don’t be any of these people in the stories. Be a responsible citizen, be someone who gives a shit and does something about it. If someone like you decides to keep their home clean, we’ve won half the battle.