10 Things Our Society Needs To Stop Teaching Men Because It’s Plain Sexist!

Disclaimer: You may agree or disagree with the views expressed in this article but what’s important is to have a conversation about it in: mentally or socially.
The views expressed are solely of the author written in complete capacity and in no way represent the views of Being Indian.

Charles Darwin was a fool.

Either that or we’re a race of people hell-bent on proving his theory of evolution wrong.

According to his theory, as time flows, species will evolve into a better form of themselves. Human beings, on the other hand, are rigid to the concept of evolving.

Human societies, made up of vague ideas and approximation, has caused an entire gender of people to be treated superior than the other genders. And these “virtues” of “superiority” are instilled in humans as they’re young so that it’s difficult to wipe off.

After years of lobbying and critiquing and arguing with people about gender equality, I’m this close to giving up.

Before I do that, I’ll throw my thoughts out in the public domain about how children are being poisoned with thoughts and ideas that make them grow up to be sexists.

A man always pays for the date

The moment you see a woman paying for you and feel your heart cringe, that’s when you know you have been brought up wrong.

Paying the bill is not a stamp on your manhood.



You’re not man enough if you don’t consume alcohol.

Another attempt by the society to make the man look “tough” is by imposing alcohol. And just so we’re clear, if you’re a man, you’re not allowed to go weak against alcohol.


You absolutely must consume a whole lot of alcohol without flinching an eye. Otherwise, you’re just a guy who wouldn’t be “man enough”.



You’re not allowed to have emotions

Emotions belong to women and you are to stay far away from them. Anything too emotional or “dramatic” is a sounding alarm for you to walk off.

As a result, the moment a woman shows emotions, you are expected to stare at her in confusion, dumbfounded over what she is talking about.



Hugs are for sissies

If you’re not allowed to have emotions, you can’t have any hugs either. Doesn’t matter if you’d had a bad day, you cannot feel the comfort of someone else’s concern.

Just be on your own or with your drinking buddies because a man never needs support.



Physical tasks are your responsibilities

If there’s a bulb to be screwed or a nail to be hammered, you need to do it. You can’t be a complete man unless you show your prowess in doing physical labor.



The only makeup you need is a gym

If you Google the word ‘masculine”, this is what comes up in the very first tab – “virile, macho, manly, all-male, muscular, strong, strapping, well built, rugged, robust, brawny, powerful, red-blooded, vigorous”.

And you can’t stop just here. You also have to make fun of others who don’t conform to this standard of expectations.



You need to constantly insult your partner behind their back to entertain your friends

Because friends are the reason you go out and date in the first place. You need to get their approval before finalizing on a girl otherwise, what’s the point?

Also, this tells your friends who’s really in control.



Unless you’re fiercely competitive about trivial things, you’re not a man.

If you offend someone while proving your point, it’s not your fault. You’re right and everybody needs to deal with it.


It’s these image expectations associated with the male gender that give birth to patriarchy and gender inequality.

The problems have been identified. It’s just that we don’t want to solve them.