How The Internet Reacted To Arunabh Kumar’s Alleged Molestation Is Disturbing

We wrote an article yesterday consolidating opinions from women who spoke against Arunabh Kumar, the CEO of TVF.  As aspected, after being called a slut, ugly, ‘TVF reject’ and a ‘feminist whore’ (as if that’s a bad thing) by people who can’t fathom the fact that there’s a possibilty that people can have different opinions last night, I thought it’s time to invite a little more hate my way.

Here’s a list of things a woman, possibly the Indian Fowler, must have been asked last night by every person on the internet.


Because tatti > logic



Reveals name – 80% problems immediately get solved.


Cats can rejoice now because curiousity is currently killing humans, not cats.


You can only reveal you’re molested on the day it happens. Delay in protesting automatically makes you an attention whore.



Oh, the irony!


Woh sab toh theek hain, par ladki ki hi galti hai bhai


Now that we’ve put this in words, I hope the trolls see themselves acting unreasonably stupid. Also, if you claim you ‘respect women’, you needn’t necessarily support them every time, but you definitely should NOT disrespect one just because your opinions don’t match.