How Can Anybody Be Okay With Watching Taarak Mehta On Indian TV In 2017?

‘Tappu Ke Pappa, Gokuldham society ke members itne stereotyped kyun hai?’

‘Dayaaaaaaa, shitty scripts and the hunger for TRP!’

This hypothetical but honest conversation sums up the show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. YES! The characters are stereotyped as fuck!

Starting with the lead character – Jethalal Gada.

A Gujarati businessman who deals with electronic goods because it’s a crime to show a Gujju doing anything other than bijness, right?

He has an annoying wife who needs no reason to start off with her Garba. Wait a minute. I’ve lived in Gujarat for 20 years. Nobody does that except Daya Ben.


Then comes this guy.


Sodhi, a Punjabi dude who does Balle Balle even if Jethalal gets a hard-on for Babita. Also, they have cast him as a mechanic who drives real bad. Wow!

This South Indian dude who has been conveniently named ‘Iyer’. Seriously? Couldn’t the writers work a little harder on that surname?


Also, like most North Indians, the writers too didn’t give a rat’s ass about which state he belongs to. And if that wasn’t enough, he plays the role of a scientist. Because according to mainstream bullcrap, every South Indian is rich in IQ, has a hot wife, but sucks at everything else in life.

And now comes Stereotype Max.

An obese doctor who has an equally obese wife, an obese kid and guess what the writers named them? The Hathi family.


Is it a crime to be fat? Yes. On Indian television it is.


Now, let me talk about something important. The Gokuldham frikkin’ Society.

Gokuldham Society is a state of hyper-realism in which interference in external matters is the only priority. This society has members that represent every possible culture in India and all of them have only one life goal – to react when the camera pans on them.

If you closely observe any episode, the content bit is 5 minutes. The reactions, Jethalal’s flirting with Babita and Daya’s He Maa Mataji takes up the rest.

And what’s the deal with Tapu Sena?


Tapu and his coked-up Sena gave their puberty to this show. This bunch of super-excited kids who are not at all bothered about their future do not exist in reality.

When normal friends meet, they discuss Game of Thrones or Westworld. But when Tapu Sena meets, they discuss the problems of their society.

When normal friends hangout they choose to watch movies or visit malls but when Tapu Sena hangs out, they colour-code and solve crimes.

Guys, I’m telling you, we don’t need law and order in our country as long as the Tapu Sena exists.

In closing, I’d like to say, this show might have started on a really good note but the over-enthusiastic festival celebrations, unnecessary film promotions and the Gokuldham Premier League have messed it up big time.

If we’re on a spree to clean up our act and get our content to inspire rather than stereotype, we still have a long way to go.

Disclaimer: The views presented are the author’s and not necessarily Being Indian’s.