Here’s Why Kangana Ranaut May Never Appear On Another Episode Of Koffee With Karan

Koffee With Karan’s latest episode should be touted as the best episode in the show’s history, thanks to the guests Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan.

Kangana’s outspokenness has amazed us; a quality that Bollywood isn’t quite fond of. In an industry which expects diplomacy to be the mainstream trait to survive, Kangana has no qualms in being a perfect misfit here.

She doesn’t believe in holding it back and is fiercely opinionated about everything; even if her stand doesn’t resonate with her contemporaries – be it rejecting fairness creams’ advertisements, voicing her angst after her relationship failure with Hrithik Roshan, throwing light on her troubled relationship with her father who was unsupportive of her career or voicing the huge wage gap in the industry and the prevalent sexism in the industry.

For Kangana, there’s no grey area and the best part is, she doesn’t care.

So naturally, when she graced the couch on Koffee With Karan yesterday, we were excited. 

Here are some of the instances that made us go “DID SHE JUST SAY THAT?”


She took Karan’s case right after he started praising her for her national award-winning performances.

Judging this to be the perfect moment, she partly attributed her success to a flamboyant Karan Johar, who had apparently mocked her English and mannerisms before. Karan was completely taken aback by this discernment.

Karan was a little uncomfortable with this accusation and to justify that Kangana wasn’t the only person he had judged, he quoted Anushka Sharma’s example too.

The same thing happened with Anushka Sharma. I never thought that she’d make it big in the industry.

The mere fact he took efforts to explain himself, exhibits that he was guilty as charged and he regretted throwing shade at her before.

During the show, she accused him of giving her unnecessary attitude and ‘verbal diarrhea’. And while she openly vocalized her discernments, Saif Ali Khan tried to normalize the situation by spurting out “I love you, Karan” infrequently.

The fun part is, she didn’t stop there.


She was quick to point out that Karan is the flag bearer of nepotism and a movie mafia because he is famous for peddling the talent of stars’ kids. 

The unexpected quote threw Saif Ali Khan into an existential crisis pot, with his mouth wide open with shock.

On the other hand, all an uncomfortable Karan Johar could say was, “I think Star World just got its promo.”


When talking about the creative conflicts with her directors on set, she vehemently opined that she hated the directors who chose to opt for dictatorial ways. (Again, Saif wasn’t prepared for this). 


She left Karan Johar speechless yet again when he asked her, “Would you rather find true love and be poor or be rich and single?”

She definitely deserves a round of applause for being so brutally honest with her opinion and sticking to her value system, in spite of making it big in the industry.

While almost every heroine would say “YES” for working with a Khan in the industry, Kangana expressed that she had no such desire with an unfeigned expression on her face.

Her reason being that she wouldn’t bag an equal (read: meatier) role with any of them, so why bother!.

In this industry, where actresses go gaga over working with the Khans, Kangana has rightfully set up an “apni khud ki dukaan” (as pointed out by Karan Johar). And she has no shame in being a maverick here.


During coffee shots, she really regretted her life choice when Karan asked, “Have you ever kissed an ex and regretted it?


But, in spite of being a talented movie star, she revealed how human she was when Karan Johar asked her, “Have you been jealous of a star’s successful movie?”

She was brutally honest about her opinion and took another coffee shot, just to re-affirm her jealousy pangs! (She earns brownie points for being so real and not hiding under the garbs of diplomacy)

In short, the episode was quite entertaining, thanks to Kangana Ranaut! 

She carefully crafted her opinions and voiced them in a very sweet and matter-of-factly tone, without offending anyone. Surprising, yes. But nasty and offending, no. (It wasn’t anything like Deepika Padukone-Sonam Kapoor KWK’s episode which earned them the sobriquet “Mean Girls”).

She didn’t cross the line of being nasty and belittling people, but she chose to call Karan Johar out, in every possible way she could. The maestro of conversation was left stunned, but we think he took it in a good stride.

She might have earned the term “controversy” as her middle name, but in an industry that harbors the dirtiest secrets, what else can one expect other than a clear conscience?

And that is the one trait that Kangana absolutely owns. She is a queen, one that deserves to be followed. 

(All images have been sourced from Hotstar)