We Are Issuing Death Threats To People Who Make Us Laugh. Is This The Lowest India Has Been?

A country where people issue death threats to someone for making a joke is not a country that’s going to withstand evolution and progress.

Accept it or not, India is not going to grow or ‘develop’ until its citizens know how to take a joke. If a joke makes you want to kill someone, you’re everything that’s wrong with this country. And no, there’s nothing patriotic about your aggression under the garb of patriotism.

Comedian Kunal Kamra recently published his first stand-up video on Youtube where he’s talking about what’s going on in the country today. His take on the matters of demonetization, soldiers and politicians will seem funny to anyone with a sense of humour, anyone who knows that a joke is only a joke and that it does not have the potential to do real damage to any political establishment. And quite honestly, if your political beliefs are affected by jokes, you really need a new political ideology.


That’s kinda what happened when comedian Kunal Kamra cracked jokes about people getting offended when questioned. His video instigated a whole lot of people of the country to question their own beliefs and when no answers came from within them, they decided to send death threats to the man who prompted them to think. Bet you can’t be more Indian than that in 2017.


But the question is, where did things go wrong? Why did middle-class people become so intolerant of jokes? Why do we think jokes are going to damage the country?


Is it because jokes have ruined countries in the past? Or is it because we can’t hear anything against our political leaders?

In the US, the President invites comedians to make fun of himself in front of everybody at the Governor’s Ball. In India, followers of political parties issue death threats to people who crack jokes.

Is this the lowest time in the existence of our country? If yes, who’s responsible for it? The people who issue death threats or the people in power who do nothing to protect the artists of the country?

It isn’t even all that hard to figure out.


Why does India not have a law that would safeguard comedians, filmmakers and other artists in case someone somewhere gets offended?

If you think Sanjay Bhansali was rightly assaulted, yes you are also part of the problem.

Why does no politician ever come out in the open and urge people to not threaten artists? It isn’t clearly the first time an artist of this country has been threatened with violence.

And more importantly, why isn’t the political party, whose followers freely issue death threats, say anything to condemn this?

Maybe because they want you to issue death threats to fellow citizens of the country. Maybe because they want to create a divide among its people so it’s easy for them to rule us.

Every politician, every prime minister, every president is first a public servant and then anything else.

Why is it that a hardworking citizen of the country, who pays an immense amount of tax and exercises his right to vote, gets intimidated by violence when he questions the people he himself voted to power?

Why have the average citizens of this country turned into political goons?


Why can’t I ask questions without facing the fear of violence?

Why can’t I make a joke without worrying about death threats?

I don’t have answers. I have questions. And going by the trend in India today, asking questions isn’t a very healthy exercise.

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But what boggles my mind is that today, I feel a direct threat from fellow citizens of my country who are only going to benefit from the questions I intend to ask the government. My questions are going to be in the form of a joke. Is that too inconvenient?

Is India not mature enough to take jokes? Or are followers of a political party not mature enough to digest a joke?

Which one is it?

It’s funny though because the reason I don’t feel as patriotic about my country as I used to is only because of my fellow citizens who have turned into political goons, who feel the right to intimidate anyone with violence, who feel protected by the people sitting in important positions in the government.

It’s these middle-class family oriented individuals who have been manipulated into fighting on behalf of a political party instead of making their own lives, that I resent the most about my own country.

Political parties will come and go. Congress, BJP, AAP and others will not always be in power. But the innocent helpless gullible people of this country will always be manipulated to fight someone else’s battles.

The situation is such that political rallies are carried out by offering money to unemployed youth. So when the youth gets offended on behalf a political party (who on paper is still our servant by the way), the country’s dies a little.


Out of all the questions I have today, the most important one is: are these gullible citizens who are now political goons to be blamed for sending death threats to fellow citizens?

Or is the political party that motivates the youth to conduct violence and intimidation responsible for our artists getting death threats?

We both know it’s the latter one. But how long till we accept that it’s the latter one that’s making us fight one another?

Kunal Kamra is just a stand-up comedian who makes jokes for a living. His job is to make people laugh. It’s one of the more noble professions there are out there and he’s really good at it.

You may agree or disagree with me. You may even threaten me with violence but nothing can change the fact that “Siachin pe humaare jawaan lad rahe hain” and if their sanctity is anything to go by, violence against someone for making a joke is exactly terror force our soldiers are fighting against.

Because we, the citizens of this country, the ones who will not tolerate anything said against the government are responsible for the sorry state of our country. Because India isn’t going to be dismantled by a few jokes. This country is much much much stronger than that.

Not sure if the same can be said about the political parties who infuse the youth with aggression, by one way or another.