These ‘Indians’ Are ‘Celebrating’ Om Puri’s Death On The Internet. Well Done!

Actor Om Puri’s demise has shocked the world over. Condolences are coming from as far away as the US. However, in his own country, there’s a good number of people who are rejoicing the news of his passing. This gentleman for example:


Om Puri spent the last months of his life being subjected to prejudiced hatred born out of half-baked opinions of the masses. The same masses he entertained for decades. The same masses he instilled with pride for decades.

It only took one edited interview to turn the public against someone of the might of Om Puri. Despite not having said anything in ill-taste, his statements were misunderstood to the point where he had to appear on national television to apologise for his words. That’s how the great Om Puri had to spend his later days.

Years ago when the internet came into existence, people thought it’d be a great way to educate and enlighten the masses. No one could have predicted that it’d be the biggest tool of mass manipulation ever witnessed in the human history.

Om Puri was a victim of the manipulation of the internet. Millions of Indians saw an edited version of Om Puri’s interview on Indian soldiers after the Uri attack. That coupled with his choice of words and lack of time to justify his statement made him an enemy of the state. Or as these gentlemen like to call him:


It’s interesting how the misplaced love for one’s army is making some of us indifferent towards one another. Wouldn’t be a surprise if some of us react the same way when family members pass away.

Who would have thought we would go so low as a race, as a country, that we would rejoice a beloved actor’s death because we were just too damn daft and brainless to understand what he really meant.

And the funny part is, some of us who are calling Om Puri a traitor can never do 1% of what Om Puri did for the country. And those calling his death an act of Karma probably have no idea what Karma would have in store for them.


This almost makes one feel happy for Om Puri, for no world can be worse than the one we currently inhabit where we are so full of hatred, we’ve forgotten to be human.


And even if he did say something you don’t agree with, does that give you the right to rejoice his death? You sure as hell won’t agree with your own father on every subject. Does that mean you’d call your father “gaddaar“, “porkistani” and “chutiya” when he passes away?

This misplaced sense of nationalism is ruining the one true culture we were born with – humanity. Maybe we’ll continue spewing senseless hatred fueled by politicians for years to come. Maybe we’ll die a less honourable death than Om Puri did. Maybe some of us are already dead inside.


We hope Om Puri is in a better place now. His legacy will continue to live with his movies. May his soul rest in peace.