Being Single On Valentine’s Day Taught Me The Most Important Lesson Of My Life

Every year, the social pressure of having a partner on Valentine’s Day takes up a lot of time that could have been spent on more important things like having a career, planning the next vacation, being alone with one’s thoughts.  I’m of the opinion that life only happens once and I intend to make the most of it. Somewhere in my venture to gain experiences, I will share Valentine’s Day with a partner.

Today isn’t that day. Today is the day to feel worthless without a partner in my life. Today is the day my friends will not be available for a drink and chat. Today is the day office will be decorated with red balloons.

Today is the day I will contemplate suicide. Or murder.

The Dancing Rest

People came in late to work than usual. I’m inclined to think their partner had something to do with it but that could be my newfound but passionate hatred for couples. The red balloons have now come off the walls and graced the tables of young, excited Valentine specimen. Women who intimidated you will seem daunting to talk to. There’s anxiety and anticipation in the air, in equal measure.

At least two of the guys I know proposed to the girls of their interest today. You would think proposals in 2017 will be different than proposals in 1987 but you would be wrong. Roses and an Archies card have now made it to the list of things I hate because of other people. Weddings, religion and songs of Arijit Singh top the list.

Speaking of Arijit Singh, every guy with a guitar will be a deity today. This sense of superiority will translate into singing God-awful songs on an out of tune guitar.


These aren’t sour grapes. These are watermelons, thrown at couples from a close proximity.

And they’re all looking at me. Staring right into my soul. In the bus, on the road, in office. I know they’re looking at me. Their superiority is all over the place. It’s like I’m contaminating this place with my single lonely self in a sea of couples.


Even the things I like will be hijacked by couples wanting to impress their partners by doing shit they don’t mean. Every bar, every cinema hall, every office chat messenger will be lit up with messages from better halves.

People like me will be confined to their thoughts.

As I continue to work towards becoming a better version of myself, my path will cross with someone who’d like me for who I am. And even if that doesn’t happen, cute couples on Valentine’s Day will no longer affect me. And it’s all because of you.

This social isolation has taught me something you guys will never know. It has taught me to survive in unfavourable conditions. It has made me comfortable in my own company. It has made me immune to false pretences unreal romantic expectations.

We Heart It

I can now go anywhere in the world, be alone, and still be productive. I wouldn’t have to seek refuge in someone else’s company just so I could be happy with myself.

And I can’t thank all the couples in the world enough for making me feel shitty on Valentine’s Day. Thanks to you, I’m a much stronger person today.

As for you, I hope y’all are still with your respective partners this time next year. Touched a nerve, didn’t I?