If Your Salary Also Vanishes As Soon As It Comes, This Article Is For You


Whoever came up with the idea of making only one pay day in a month needs to be boiled in oil. It’s a myth that getting paid once a month will be sufficient for a person to survive.

I grew up thinking that a career would guarantee me good money, that I would be handsomely paid if I studied well. However nobody, absolutely nobody told me to be vary of the lifestyle I was going to start following once I started working.

No school, college, tuition, parents, relatives or even friends warned me against the bottomless pit of ultra-extravagant lifestyle that gullible young impressionable minds would be drawn towards once they become independent.

No matter what you do in life, no amount of money will ever be enough for you to follow the lavish lifestyle you’re drawn towards.



Being brought up in a middle class family, being broke is the only state of existence I know. Having ₹200 stacked up between books in the 10th standard was the richest I personally felt back then. When the daily expenses ended at eating an aloo patty for ₹8, having ₹200 made me feel comfortable and secure.

10 years later, I earn more than 200% of that but I’m poor as fuck. I’m not broke anymore, I’m straight up poor. I’m the kind of ‘urban poor’ the Buzzfeed article wrote about. I pamper myself with cab rides instead of taking a bus or a train because the beginning of the month tricks me into believing I’m rich. I call for shots of Kamikaze in an overpriced bar because my drunk self is the stupidest a person can ever be. I order a pizza despite having personally healthy home cooked food at home, simply because I now have the purchasing power.

After savings, installments, rent, groceries, weekend parties, I often find myself trying to avoid going out with friends. And what boggles my mind is that some of my friends still manage to stay rich even by the end of the month.


My comfortable lifestyle is now a liability.

But then again why should I not buy something despite having worked hard through the month? Why should I not buy those fancy lights for the balcony? After having worked hard through the month, worrying about running out of money is all the more reason for me to pamper myself.

Why can’t I go out partying a couple of times a month and still have money left in my bank account? Why do drinks have to cost more than my bloody shoes?

I’m agitated because nobody told me that medical insurance is a necessity that comes at a price. I’m agitated because movie ticket prices are more than the per square price of my house. I’m agitated because no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get away from expenses.



Everything in the world is expensive and I can afford none of it.

Worst are the months when my salary gets finished as soon as I get it. I work hard and I deserve to travel and Andaman comes at a price. And of course, I’d need a new overpriced pair of every accessory that I already possess.

The one thing I hate the most about having this purchasing power is that now I’m supposed to spend money for my cousins’ and friends’ wedding gifts. This one’s a particularly unnecessary expense that no one ever told me about.

And since when did clothes start costing as much as an entire month’s salary? Clothes were never my costliest investment. But they now are. And it absolutely sucks that those brands still lure people like me in by offering one-plus-one for a price that could fund a start-up.



Even a decent lunch at a nice place for 2 people will make you have maggi for the rest of the month. What the hell is this system that so many like me are failing to understand?

I’ve gone from being an intern to earning more than my father. And yet with every increment I got, I got twice as many expenses. I’ve now given up on the hopes of ever being financially comfortable, no matter however much I earn.



This was a much-needed rant before I go and piss away more money tonight. My bank balance doesn’t allow me to get drunk every weekend but my bank balance is the reason I need to get drunk every reason.

I hope you find solidarity in knowing that there’s someone else who feels just as shitty as you do. You’re welcome.