You’ll Lose It When You Find Out How Much Hitler’s “Destructive” Telephone Has Been Sold For In An Auction

Brigadier Ralph Rayner (1896-1977) was sent to make a contact with the Red Army in Berlin at the time when the Soviet Army had successfully established control over the German capital.

The Red Army invited Rayner to Hitler’s Bunker where he was offered a black telephone, that was found in Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun’s room, as a gift for being one of the first British officers to enter “Fuhrer” Hitler’s bunker and also one of the first non-Soviet soldiers to enter Berlin after the German surrender in 1945.

The "Führerbunker" | Source
The “Führerbunker” | Source

Rayner turned down the black phone offer and chose a red telephone that was placed near Adolf Hitler’s bed instead.

That telephone, which Hitler used during the last two years of the second World War, was handed down to Rayner’s England-based son, Ranulf Rayner (now, 82) after his death in 1977. It was kept in a leather briefcase until Ranulf decided to auction it and it was finally sold off on 19th February 2017.

The red telephone was auctioned by the Alexander Historical Auctions house and sold to an anonymous highest bidder in Maryland (US), on Sunday, for $243,000. 

The Auction house had described the phone as, “the most destructive weapon of all time, which sent millions (of people) to their deaths.” “It was Hitler’s mobile device of destruction,” it added, maintaining that Hitler might have delivered some last orders through this telephone.

Hitler on phone | NeverForget/Pinterest
Hitler on phone | Source: NeverForget/Pinterest

“Several eyewitness accounts tell how one of the last calls Hitler made on it was to order that his new brother-in-law, General Hermann Fegelein, was to be shot for treason,” Express news portal quoted Rayner as saying.

Have a look at the “destructive” phone:


“It is a very sinister piece of equipment, when you think about what it was used for.” – Rayner. 



It has ‘Adolf Hitler’, an Eagle and a Swastika symbol engraved on its back.


Ranulf Rayner was quoted by The News Minute as saying, “My father didn’t see it as a relic of Hitler’s glory days, more a battered remnant of his defeat, a sort of war trophy.” 

H/T: The News Minute

Featured Image Source: NeverForget/Pinterest