Air India Is Set To Create A Very Special World Record And We’re Really Proud Of Them

From being idolized and worshiped to being suppressed and empowered to being raped and victimized to being blamed and shamed, women of India have seen it all.

Irony has died a thousand deaths, and more to come, courtesy of what women have been put through in a land that worships them. For instance, this Church magazine’s deplorable act of shaming a minor girl for not resisting rape by a Priest because “he has a human body and has temptations” or this stalker’s justification of stalking a woman because “she is friends with many men.” And, of course, the prevailing gender inequality.

A staler's justification | Source
A stalker’s justification | Source

You get it? Although we are stepping ahead in time, we haven’t really been able to free ourselves of the injustice Indian women face. Today’s India is going through a transition of sorts to make the world a better place for Indian women. And Air India is taking some dynamic steps to ensure women are encouraged more, ahead of the International Women’s Day that falls on 8th March.  

Air India has set out to create a new World Record and to do that, they conducted a flight from New Delhi to San Francisco and back with a crew consisting entirely of women, reported Huffington Post

“The flight AI 173 had earlier taken off from IGI Airport in Delhi on 27th February to San Francisco covering a distance of around 15300 km in 15 and a half hours over the Pacific route and on the return journey from San Francisco over the Atlantic,” stated an Air India post on Facebook.


Every member of the flight crew, from pilots to the ground staff, was a woman.

Air India’s Facebook Post further added, “These departments included Cockpit crew, Cabin crew, Check-In staff, Doctor, Customer Care Staff, ATC and the entire ground handling from operator to technician, Engineer and flight dispatcher and trimmer. Line operation safety audit was done by Harpreet A De Singh, ED Flight Safety, Air India. This is the first time that this audit was done by a female officer for a world trip.”


Air India has applied for an entry in the Guinness World Records and the Limca Book of Records, stated the Huffington Post report. 

Here’s hoping they secure a record and make us prouder than they already have.

H/T: Huffington Post