This Umpire Took Everyone’s Attention Away From Cheteshwar Pujara With His Act

Instances when you often change your mind –

  1. Planning a Saturday night
  2. Marking an answer in an MCQ
  3. Getting up to drink water at 3 am

Instances when you’re not supposed to change your mind –

  1. While making decisions as an Umpire

New Zealand umpire Chris Gaffaney gave zero fucks to this unspoken rule on the 4th day of the second test match between India and Australia.

Cheteshwar Pujara was busy giving a tough time to Aussie bowlers and this incident happened when he was playing at 142. Josh Hazlewood bowled a short length delivery which Pujara completely missed in an attempt to hook the ball.


I won’t be entirely wrong if I do a typical Varun Pruthi thing here by saying – What happened next will blow your mind.

The umpire raised his finger to give the batsman ‘Out’ but midway changed his mind and slyly checked his hat.

You had one job buddy!

Goofy Gaffaney is the title the umpire received for this hilarious incident. Commentator Akash Chopra couldn’t help but record it and post on Twitter.

Let’s get Sherlocked and play the deduction game. Possible implications –

  1. The umpire was tired of seeing Cheteshwar Pujara on the pitch
  2. He did not receive his salary on time
  3. The Indian summers got the better of him
  4. The other umpire challenged him to entertain the crowd

This isn’t the first time such an incident has happened in world cricket. Another Kiwi umpire and an entertainer of the highest order, Billy Bowden, was snapped doing something similar.

Also, in the ongoing series between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar committed a similar blunder. A Twitter user Taimoor Zaman compared these two incidents.

Jokes apart, let’s not judge the umpires and give them the benefit of doubt for standing all day with almost nothing to do.

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