This Sad Sight Of A Woman Dragging Her Husband On The Hospital Floor Is Disturbing


In yet another case of apathy of health administration, a woman was forced to drag her husband to the first floor of the hospital after the hospital allegedly failed to provide her with a stretcher.

The incident reportedly took place when Sree Vani, 40 took her husband Srinivasa Chary to the hospital after he showed symptoms of gastroenteritis.

Upon reaching hospital, the staff bluntly told her that they don’t have a stretcher. Left with no option, Vani had to drag her husband to the first floor of the hospital as other patients and attendants watched on.


“I told them that I will push the stretcher. But, the staff did not provide the stretcher,” the wife said. “I was forced to drag my husband on the hospital ramp after waiting for an hour in vain.”


Hospital authorities have said they will look into the matter and initiate a disciplinary action against all those responsible for this inhumane act.

One must note this is not the first time hospitals have come under scanner for their negligence in handling ailing patients, especially those who aren’t so privileged. There have been cases of sheer apathy and inhumanity by hospital authorities before, and it reeks of unprofessionalism and lack of value of life which is a disappointing situation.

Where must a person go if he’s denied a service he sought in a place where it must be delivered? Someone’s callous behavior might cost a life, but how does it matter, right? It’s shameful that we live in a country where the humanity index is depleting by the day, and people are rendered helpless in a situation when they should receive maximum help.


H/T: Times of India

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