Arvind Kejriwal Gets Trolled On Twitter For Confessing To Being Broke


The Nayak of our times, Arvind Kejriwal, has fallen within the public’s purview ever so often. From slaps to shoes, he has been tasting all sorts of criticism during his reign as the Delhi Chief Minister.

Look what we found | ndtv
We’re serious, look what we found | ndtv

Plus, even he doesn’t miss an opportunity to create waves in the media. Remember Modi is a coward and a Psychopath? I’m sure you do. Anyway, Mr. Kejri has once again managed to attract media attention with an honest confession regarding the Punjab and Goa Polls:

“AAP does not have money to fight election. I can show you my bank account, even party does not have money.”

Likewise, Twitterati (who are ever so prompt) never miss an opportunity to troll the ones who suffer from the I-don’t-know-what-I’m-saying disease. Therefore, Kejriwal’s parody account @TrollKejri propped up with a PhotoShopped Times of India front page ad:


We must say there’s a bunch of committed people behind that account. I mean, look at this:


Annnd a follow-up responsible Tweet:

The spark that TrollKejri produced, soon took the shape of fire on Twitter with other people joining and making fun of Kejriwal.


People are creative. Agreed!


Objective: Profound scrutiny of facial expressions. Results:




And this one managed to attack Modi even through a Kejri troll

modi attack

All this creativity is that kind of hidden talent that surfaces as soon as someone makes a blunder. But who said we’re complaining?