Baba Ramdev Revealed Why BJP Applied ‘Note Ban’ During Wedding Season And It’s Hilarious


Baba Ramdev became a household name after he showed the world the benefits of Yoga and eventually, his ‘Patanjali’ products became a raging product in almost every Indian household.

Barring these two things, Baba Ramdev tries to be in the news for other reasons as well – like his epic hairy photo shoot that shook the entire internet. Besides this, he has been an eminent part on other celebrities news that keep floating on Twitter.

So, it was natural for him to take a stand on this demonetization policy that has taken the entire nation by storm – The repercussions have been brutal, and it has affected the common man on a massive level. Witnessing the problems, The Secretary of Economic Affairs, Shaktikanta Das, rolled out new guidelines

Pertaining to the wedding season, the government has introduced a new rule-

“For weddings, one person from a family can withdraw rupees ₹2,50,000.”


When NDTV quizzed Ramdev about this policy, he mocked the BJP leaders. 

“Many in the BJP are bachelors…they didn’t realize it was wedding season…that was the mistake.”



He shrewdly pointed out that the dowry’s demand will be alleviated, thanks to the massive cash crunch facing the country. 

“If they (government) had done this around 15 days or one month later then there weddings wouldn’t have been so badly affected. One good thing that has come out of all this…people cannot demand dowry.”

Thanks for letting us see this demonetization policy in a whole new light, Babaji. 

You can watch the entire video here and judge him all you want!

Do you agree with his views?

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