Kids Hit And Run Over A Dog, Try Bribing The Person Who Took Action Against Them

Mumbai-based Parag Chadha has, in two Facebook posts, described the ordeal he had to face, along with his friend, to save a dog. 

The dog had been hit and run over by a lad of 19 who had been driving, with two of his friends seated in the car. From what we gather from Chadha’s posts, two of the boys were exceptionally difficult to deal with. Therefore, Chadha finally decided to file an FIR against them.

First Facebook post:

“Last night at about 11 pm I got a call from a friend who was howling and panicking over the phone.
She was on her way back home when she was an eye witness to a hit and run case.

A car had driven over a dog at the Malad back road. The driver and 2 passengers were caught and stopped. She rushed the dog to a nearby vet who was luckily opened. The otherwise young and healthy dog was in a bad state and was fighting for his life.

On reaching the vet I realised that the driver was a 19 year old boy alongwith his college friends.

The driver- Alok Balram Chauhan / Facebook
The driver- Alok Balram Chauhan / Facebook


Irresponsible, without any remorse, without any guilt what so ever on their faces.

It felt like for them it was OK because it was a street dog. Little did they know that this is not something we were going to let go off this easy.

The kid who was driving had sneaked out his fancy car without his parents permission. The parents, who were sleeping at home had no idea what their child was upto.

The dog was a fighter. He fought hard, hats off to the vet for staying with us till 2 am in her clinic. She was finally able to stabilize him. He has suffered a lot of injuries but he will make it, not without intensive treatment and a lot of complications.

On speaking to these 3 kids ( all of them carrying the latest iPhone 7), I was told one of them had a dog and he looked quite upset. He even told me how fast his friend was driving and on hitting the dog he even tried to run away which caused further injuries to the dog.


The other two however(the driver and his friend) were more bothered about finding a mechanic for their car so they could hide the whole incident from their parents while that dog fought for his life crying and shaking at the vet.

These kids weren’t going to get off the hook as easy as they thought.
The dog was then taken to a paid foster at about 2:30 am in Charkop.


Is this what we teach our kids? Give them fancy cars and phones but forget to teach them how important another life is?

We did not file an FIR as the driver and his friends agreed to cooperate and bear the entire expense till this dog becomes fine. He will be released at the back road when he is better.

This is a request to everyone who is reading. Animals have a heart too. The least you can do is to be compassionate towards them.

The brighter side is that the dog will survive.

Thank you Shweta Khanduri for saving a life.

Thank you Sonica Dsouza for always being so compassionate towards animals and teaching me the same.”


However, as the case developed and the two boys started behaving high-handedly, Pradhan decided to file an FIR.

Here’s his second Facebook post:

“So we have decided to go ahead and file an FIR against two of the boys in the hit and run case.

They assured us the dog will be taken care of.
This morning they were suppose to get an ambulance to the paid foster place to take the dog to the vet. This is when he needed immediate medical help.


After almost 30 calls to each one of them none of them responded and answered my calls.

We then arranged an ambulance and picked up the dog and got him to the vet and he is being treated now. He is recovering slowly.

These two boys started to threaten me when they called me this afternoon when I shouted at them for not taking responsibility.

The other accused / Facebook
The other accused / Facebook

They then started laughing and saying we can do what we want. Till 230 am we stood there last night helping them and requesting ambulance guys to reduce the price and requesting the vet to reduce the amount as these were college kids.

He then accuses me that I am trying to make money out of this. The driver of the car then started laughing on what’s app saying the address he had given me is wrong.

He then makes his friends call me and try to bribe me by saying “kitna paisa chahiye?”
When I screamed at him, he then threatened me and said I can go to the cops for all he cares and said “dekh lunga tujhe”.

I am posting the full name and pictures of the two accused who I am filing an FIR against.

We are not backing down from this no matter what.

This is a 19-year-old kid who is driving rash without a driving licence.

What if tomorrow this kid is out on the road and commits another crime?

We are here at the cop station filing an fir under the animal cruelty act.

Hopefully, the law and you guys will help us spread this message.

Alok Balram Chauhan
The driver

Ramkrishnan Sharma
The shameless guy with no remorse at all.”

This case highlights the exploitation one can get down to if they have enough money on their hands. This is a case of a show of wealth and lack of humanity. Thankfully, the canine has survived. We hope justice is served sooner rather than later.