Nobody Took These Class 10 Students Seriously Until They Got A Funding Of ₹3 Crore

Tony Hsieh once said, “Chase the vision, not the money. The money will end up following you.” And these Class X boys are an excellent example of this quote.

Chetanya Golecha, Mrigank Gujjar and Utsav Jain of Neerja Modi School in Jaipur have raised a gigantic funding of 3 crores for their start-up ‘Infusion Beverages.’

When these Class X students took part in the entrepreneurship fest of their school last year in April, little did they know that it would be a life-changing decision. In fact, their presentation got rejected in the very first stage and hence, they were kicked out of the competition.


But much to their surprise, they received an order for delivering 150 bottles and that changed their lives. In fact, they had sold almost 8,000 bottles of flavoured water including kewra, rose and bel through B2B mode by January.

Chetanya Golecha said, “Our presentation of the product failed to impress the judges in the fest. We were kicked out in the first round. Though we were out of the competition in the first hour but got the order of delivering 150 flavoured water bottles.”

It was then that they went ahead and participated in multiple competitions at IIT-Kanpur and IIM-Indore. However, out of all the places they presented their idea at, Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) was the one that decided to give them a boost.

When asked about the product details and the difficulties they faced, Gujjar told TOI, “We carried out intense research on Google to prepare a healthy drink without sugar and soda. But soon we realized that turning an idea into reality is not easy when you are a minor. Procuring the licence, necessary permissions from the food department and approval from FSSAI, are a herculean task. As we were minors our parents sought the permission on our behalf.”


It was in January that an investor called them and expressed his interest in their venture. Talking about their meeting, Utsav said, “The meeting was successful in the first hour. They decided to fund Rs 3 crore. Under the agreement, we have the responsibility of marketing and research. The plant will be based in Indore.”

Also, these kids have don’t have a “#FOMO” on anything that other kids of their age are doing. They believe, “Our dreams are big and we have to start early to achieve them. I don’t like people who sit idle till they complete their graduation or post-graduation. This early start will keep us ahead of everyone,” as said by Chetanya.

Well, we’d only like to wish these young entrepreneurs all the very best for their venture. We are sure they’ve already inspired many with their urge to dream big.