This Man Threatened To Leak Her Nude Pictures Online. Here’s How She Responded To Him


Cyber bullying has become a serious problem which is often overlooked. With a stack of sexually provocative messages lying in our ‘others folder’, we choose to turn a blind eye to it rather than taking a compelling action against it.

While there are likes of us, on the other hand, there is Taruna Aswani who was threatened by a cyber bully in leaking her nudes but she decided to give it back to him.


The bully sent her an email in which he wrote that he has nudes and videos which belong to her and the only way to make him keep quiet is to ‘excite’ him.

“I have access to your all your friends/social media and family and co-workers(NMS healthcare and heritage inc) contacts that you have and I think some will be happy and some embarrassed to see it but if you have a thick skin then it shouldn’t worry you.” he wrote in the email.

Here are the screenshots of the two emails he sent:

Taruna Aswani/Facebook
Taruna Aswani/ Facebook

However, inspite of threats, Taruna didn’t cower to the mails and decided to take it to social media to seek help in finding the bully.


Here’s what she posted:

According to a report in India Today, the police has acknowledged the case and asked for a formal complaint.

Well done, Taruna! Harassers need to be shamed publically, and you’ve done a wonderful job in setting an example for other women who might be a victim of cyber bullying but are afraid to open up.


H/T: Indiatimes

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