The Comments Under This Girl’s FB Post On Being Masturbated At A College Festival Is Disgusting

Call me cynical, but I don’t have any hopes left for mankind any more. There’s very little happiness left in the world for us to thrive on, so let’s make most of what we have now, shall we? For the rest of the days, there’s guilt, disgust, anger, sadness that engulfs within us. The fact that we feel helpless when there’s something incorrect, wrong and disgusting happening out there, right under our nose, makes me wonder is there any point of any of the power I hold?

As Kalki correctly stated, Feminism is a word that’s unfortunately been bastardised. By whom? By people who cannot fathom the fact that the world is really changing. The fact that things need to be given a benefit of doubt, people must be questioned when you believe they’re wrong, slates must be cleaned before we re-write something fabulous and better for this future, cannot be digested by many. This campaign on speaking about feminism as much as we can has only created rage amongst a group of people who believe anything associated with that word has to be a ‘problem-maker’. But guess what? We won’t stop.


That’s exactly what happened with Meghna. Meghna Singh, a student of Sri Ram College of Commerce, attended their college festival. Now, picture a festival filled with students around the age group of 16-21. What could possibly go wrong here?

This –

“concerts are for people to show their love for the person performing on stage and letting some part of their dream come true.
While some people just cannot contain the excitement and feel the urge to jerk off right in middle of the crowd, feel up your butt and just vanish in thin air. I came back home so happy and tipsy on KK’s pyaare songs only to find this.
mard hogaya aaj toh yeh banda, ekdum mard.
Thanks mardo, thanks!” (sic)

But what disgusted us, isn’t the fact that someone actually masturbated on her. What disgusted us are the comments that followed on her post. Comments that were worse than a man who is out there jerking off and on women. Filthy minds that currently surround us. Who believe that everything a woman does/complains about is ‘A cry for attention’.


Here’s what people thought about this incident – 



















And these are just a handful of the thousands of messages that have been put up on her post. Some of them are so disgusting, our team decided not to put them up here [It’s nauseating].

The point of this post is to try and figure when will we work towards building a better future for humanity sakes? Forget women, forget men, what about humanity? What ever happened to being equals, being one? Singh’s battle isn’t against one man, it’s against the entire concept of men treating women as objects of desire. It’s her fight against men who are responsible for their actions. Not you, not me, just the people who really need to change. Is that hard enough for anybody to digest?

The next time you choose to mask your image behind fake Facebook profiles created only to troll people, please know that someday, your conscience may speak to you and tell you why what you’re doing is wrong. We hope that day arrives soon because you’re really ill right now. Really, very ill.

Find Meghna’s Facebook post here.