This Dog Died While Protecting His Masters From A 5-Feet Long Cobra

We stumble upon so many real life incidents where dogs prove to be a man’s best friend. Dogs are the best pets you can have as they guard your lives with vigour.

The internet has fallen in love with yet another story which took place in Kerala. A pet dog saved the lives of its masters from a deadly cobra. 


The pet dog witnessed a deadly cobra entering its master’s house and upon seeing this unwanted intrusion, he started barking unusually.

Seeing their 3-year-old pet bark unusually, the couples stepped out from the house to check what was wrong. 

But, the pet dog didn’t let them escape the house and went on to fight the battle with the cobra.

After an intense battle that ensued for 30 minutes, the brave pet dog lost his life. The police heard the commotion and upon investigation, it was found that the dog was fighting a 5-feet long serpent. 


The dog was bitten multiple times by the cobra and sadly, he lost his life in the bitter battle.

The elderly couple had adopted the dog when it was a month old. The couple stays alone in their Perumbavur residence with their dog.

Another life incident where a dog saved the day and proved yet again that a dog is a man’s best friend.

We feel bad for the poor animal who laid down his life for its masters.

H/T: Indian Express

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