This Student’s Description Of The Terror Attack He Faced At His School Is Bone-Chilling

Terror attacks spare no one. Terrorists don’t care a damn about sparing children and aged people, let alone the hale and hearty! That’s obvious, isn’t it, though?

While we have painted a certain religion as the sole bearer of terrorism, this particular terrorist attack that we’re going to look into, shredded the people of the very same faith into bits and pieces. Therefore, we say that terror attacks, in fact, spare no one.

A Majeed/AFP/Getty Images
A Majeed/AFP/Getty Images


We’re talking about the terror attack that shook Peshawar’s Army Public School on 16th December 2014. The attack left more than 150 teachers and students dead

A MAJEED/AFP/Getty Images
A MAJEED/AFP/Getty Images

We discovered an answer to the question “What’s the bravest thing you have ever done?” on Quora by a student of the school who survived the deadly massacre and it is absolutely heart-wrenching. 


Survived Taliban Attack in Army Public school Peshawar

It was 16th December 2014. The day started as any other normal day. We were standing in assembly which ended with the National anthem. I was in class 10th and my cousin was in primary section. We were sitting in the big hall when we heard loud noises. As gun culture is very common in Peshawar, we understood it is a gun fire. Someone was constantly firing with an AK47. As our school is a huge institution that runs under army, we were very happy that it would be some sort of training we are going to do, some sort of fun. But things got worse when we heard loud noises of children who were crying, including boys and girls (as it is a Co-Education school). Our teacher locked the door . Adrenaline rush was quicker than ever in my body. I was thinking this could be the last day of my life. And then, then someone kicked the door, after three to four times, the door broke open.

There were two men holding an AK47 each with huge magazines. At first they opened fire at us. :’(. I thought I’d definitely die today . My heart was beating like it would come out of my chest any minute now. At first, I hid myself behind the Chair, I will upload the picture.


After sometime, the firing was not that frequent, it rather got occasional . (At that time, they asked a little older boys to look down with their heads down and then shot them in their heads). Now things are not as clear in my memory, because of the panic and shock I was in, at the time.

I pretended to be dead. They kept shooting some children of my age and the room was filled with the smell of Blood and flesh. I heard the sounds of children falling to the ground. But I kept lying on the ground with my eyes closed. I was praying to Allah to save my younger cousin, he’s so cute and I love him very much, he was in class 4th then.

We were lucky, they left some of us. They killed the entire batch of 9th graders. After which they left. I couldn’t believe it, the same boy who played with me, the same boy who used to mimic the maths teacher and make us all laugh, was lying on the floor, dead. A terrible boy who also pretended that he had died but received a bullet in leg. He cried and they shot him in the head.



Then some army officer rushed in to our class room. They evacuated us and moved us outside. My father, my brother – who is also a captain in army – was waiting for us outside the school. My younger cousin survived, he received a bullet in his thigh. When these children ran, they opened fire at the little angels from behind, some died and some of them were injured.

In all the days and nights, I’m still feeling empty without my friends. But god has granted me another life to fulfill their Purpose. Now I’m living their life, I want higher Education. Terrorists are afraid of our pens and books.

At the end, I would like to salute to our Teacher, Afsha Ahmad, who told the two killing cowards that she will only let them kill children over her dead body. And they burnt her alive.

A salute to my Principal.

And salute and many respect to all the martyrs of my school.

Thanks for your support and kind words. Now I never want to look back in my life but I want to clarify it do not label all muslims as terrorists. I answered anonymously because of the concerns of my mother and some risks. I skipped many cruel memories I don’t want to make bad imapct on your mind. Thank you
(If any APS student of my class reads this answer I,m AA from Dalazak road saeed abad 2)

This boy is an embodiment of courage and resilience, to say the least.

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